05-09-07 It's been almost a year since I've make a substantial update.  This time we have more LJ Icons, and some rearranging of things.  I'm also working on making a tape exchange list.
05-07-06 New Atlantis LJ Icons! And New Hosted Section for my friend Kylara!
02-13-06 New Wesley/Giles Slashfic!  Check it out...Holiday of Love.  Just in time for the holiday!
12-22-05 New Wesley Slash Icon on the LJicons page!
11-07-05 Please join us in chanting "Bloody Hell! Not Another fandom!!!"  Check out Andrew's first ever BtVS FIC!  I Win!  Wesley/Giles, PWP, Humor, PG-13
11-18-05 Join the Updates list!

11-16-05 Haven't had an update for a while so I think this will be a nice little welcome back for all of you.  Most of what we've done you actually can't see.  Your bookmarks though will need to be fixed since many of the pages have moved.  But what you can see is...

  • Please take notice of the awesome banner graphics by my newest friend in fandom Nicci.  She's been a doll and is helping make my site and LJ look amazing.  Throughout the next couple of months there will be more.  Gah!  I'm so excited and greatful.

  • I've added a few fandoms new LJ Icons and a Fiction Rec Page.  

  • The Guestbook is gone...We get so little feedback that it wasn't really worth the time and effort so if you want to compliment us feel free to e-mail.  Andrew and I both check up on things and LOVE feedback!  

  • There are particular sections of each fandom that are still offline but we're still working on it.  Content will slowly but surely appear or re-appear including a links section for each fandom.

  • Also new this time is down at the bottom of this page...Our Sponsors!  For every reload of the page a new Hyperlinked Banner will appear for many many fansites that Andrew and I visit regularly.  If you'd like to adversite your site with us just e-mail and let us know.  

  • And last but not least...Andrew and I have finally gotten together and wirtten down some fic that we've been really enjoying.  We've put them down in the new Fic Rec's section!

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