Couldn't Be Happier

Author Everly Dawn
Pairing Langly/Byers Langly/Frohike
Rating NC-17
Description Alpha-ByersÖwith a twist.
Notes This is not Betaíd It was far too much fun to mess with it too much.  If you notice something terribly wrong feel free to mention it to me.  The section in the ď//Ē is one part of a free verse poem that I wrote some time ago but it seemed to fit so well that I stuck it in!




<<< Itís amazing how much you can learn about people when youíre in my position.  Well, not in Ďthisí position.  Itís actually really fucking hard to think straight when youíre bent over a desk--being skillfully and, might I add, very thoroughly fucked.  Yeah, itís really hard to think right now. >>>

Itís Byers that got to me first this morning.  Heís up as usual-- 6am --way before either Frohike or me.  I barely had time to pour a cup of coffee and sit at the table with a bowl of cereal before he had his hands all over me--not that I mind. 

Initially, I felt a strong pair of hands on my neck, massaging away all the kinks that had developed during the night.  This is the way he always starts off--very gentle and warm.  I know from experience itís the calm before the storm.

He asks how I slept--yíknow--stuff like that.  Next he smoothed back my hair a little bit to expose more of my neck.  I sense, more than feel, him lean down to nuzzle my neck before I get what Iíve been waiting for--his lips and mouth.  Itís so warm, and I think I know what a baby must feel like all wrapped up in soft blanketsÖthe image of wool blankets swirl around in my head for a while before I realize itís his beard--scratchy, but pleasant just the same.

I can feel his breath, slow and steady against my ear.  I sigh.  Itís almost inaudible but Iím sure John noticed.  His hands slip down over my shoulders and around to my chest.  I can feel him beginning to change mood already.  Heís becoming more assertive and possessive--not letting me do anything, which only succeeds in exciting me even more.  Heís nibbling and sucking on my ear and under my jaw now while positioning his hands for some particularly stimulating caresses up and down my chest.

My brain is humming.  Hell, my whole body is humming with energy.  Iím starting to shake and my muscles loosen as I relax into his touch--willing him complete and total control over my body.  My hands drop limply to my lap just as he slides his left one up under my t-shirt.  I shudder--my already oversensitive nipples peaking further under the sudden skin on skin.

Before I know whatís happening heís lifting me and directing me to one of the less cluttered office desks in the other room.  Heís in full authoritative mode now.  I love it when he gets like this--totally in control of me. 

He turns me roughly by the shoulders to face him and kisses my mouth.  The kiss is so overpowering I feel my knees begin to buckle under me.  But he is there holding me securely in his arms and pushing my ass into the desk with his hips.

I hear a frustrated groan come from deep down in his chest after he finally releases my mouth.  Iím gasping for air when he lowers his forehead to my shoulder and begins rocking against me.  I stand there pinned between the desk and a moaning sweaty man, drinking in all the sensations.  Itís heavenÖfuck, this IS heaven.

With a visible effort he pulls himself from me and begins to unfasten my jeans, which have become quite tight in the last few minutes.  Iím the one groaning now.  I lean back against the desk on my elbows, with my hips pushed forward--shamelessly begging for more.  My head lulls back and my eyes are closed but I bring my head forward when he speaks my name. 

ďRingo,Ē he says almost calmly, ďlook at me.Ē 

I look down at him; heís on one knee between my feet.  His red flushed face is tilted to one side tantalizingly close to my stiff member.  Heís looking directly into my eyes with a lust I canít even begin to describe when his pink tongue slides out of his mouth and proceeds to drive me totally insane.  The small circular licks around the tip of my cock force audible groans of appreciation from my throat.

In my muddled state I hear a voice cheering him on.  AhhÖYes!  OhhhÖmore, more, more!  I realize, a few seconds later, itís me!  Although I donít recognize my voice, itís a little too high and girlish.  ďOh God, you make me so hot John,Ē I say more deeply in my chest. 

Those must have been the magic words.  In the next instant I find myself turned around, his hand on my neck forcing me to submit as he pushes me over the desk.  Heís fingering my entrance carefully, just to make sure Iím ready, even though were both old hats at this, so to speak.  I purposefully moan a little louder and push against his fingers--thatís all the more invitation he needs.  Removing his hand he positions himself and I hold onto the edges of the desk.  I have a feeling this is going to be a wild ride.

ďOhh, FUCK! YEAH!Ē I scream, as he plunges into me.  Heís so hard--driving into me; firm and swift, grunting primitively the whole time.  Iím gripping the edge of the desk so hard my knuckles are white.  At that moment, like he was reading my mind, his hands move from my hips to grip my wrists, firmly enough to bruise, and he refuses me the ability to hold on.  Itís torture not to have any leverage--exquisite torture. 

//I need you, feel you; hunger for you--with the delicious vision of orgasm dangling mere inches from my face.  I beg you to use me, love me, or leave me be--anything short of ending this torture of endless sensation.  I scream for release, only to have you fuck me slower, touch me too tenderly--driving me insane with softness.  Iím in your hands, a mound of responsive flesh--a gift to you.  You took control of my body, making me a willing victim of your fervent erotic brilliance, and I love you for it.// 

I love you, love you so much, John.

He slows till heís almost not moving at all and Iím squirming under his weight.  I need more; I canít stay here on the edge, I CANíT!  When Iím absolutely convinced I am going to die from frustration he angles his hips a fraction of an inch and thrusts sharply, hitting a place inside that makes me keen.  He does that a few more times--a short quick push in and a long smooth one out--until weíre both incoherent with it.  Iím reduced to whimpering when I finally come.  He cries out harshly with his orgasm a moment later. 

Weíre so exhausted that we stay there.  Me bent over the desk and him lying across my back, his cheek resting between my shoulder blades and both of us breathing in almost uncontrolled pants.

A few moments later, just before we start to slip into unconsciousness, I hear a contented sigh from across the room.  We both turn our heads to face the sound and see Frohike leaning against the doorframe, watching.  Iím not sure how long heís been up, but the bulge in his pants, seems to indicate heís been there for most of our little tryst.

He walks across the room, leans down, kisses both of us on the cheek and smiles adoringly.  As heís leaving the room I hear him say, heíll give me a half hour and then he has plans for me.  Amazingly, I feel the beginnings of arousal kicking in againÖalready.

Yeah, Iím a slut for these men.  I admit it.

I couldnít be happier.