Author: Everly Dawn

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Status: Finished Stand Alone

Category: Slash (Smut)

Rating: R

Summary:  Langly wants to go swimming, smut ensues. 

Archive:  Just Ask…I like to know where it’s going first.

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine.  The fun is.  No copyright infringement intended.

Notes:  If you notice something terribly wrong feel free to mention it to me.  Thanks go out to Surreal, she’s been a big help with some…uh…“research” for this.  *snicker* And a big hug and smooch goes out to Anndie for cheering me on when the boys were being uncooperative.  Thanks Darlin’s!




“Why don’t we go check out the pool?”  Langly was quickly becoming bored in the small hotel room.  Byers looked over at his companion from where he had collapsed backward on the bed with what he hoped was a weary and disapproving look.

“You’re a big boy, you can go by yourself.”

“No, I want you to come with me.”

“You want to go swimming?  It’s 3am !”

“No, I didn’t mean go swimming…I just need to do somethin’.  I’m going crazy in this little room.”

Byers sat up on the edge of the bed and gently smoothed his hair back.  What he really wanted to do right now was collapse.  They’d had an incredibly long day and he didn’t think he was going to be able to stay awake much longer, let alone stay on his feet.  But John also knew Langly was still really keyed up and his fidgeting, were they to go to bed now, would probably keep him up anyway.  So with a defeated sigh John finally gave in.  “Fine, I’ll go with you.”  Byers could see him physically jump up and down with joy. *Oh Brother* “But we’re not staying long I hope; I’m absolutely exhausted.” 

“All right! Just let me grab something.” 

John watched as Langly went into the bathroom and came out tying his hair back with an elastic band.  The boys stepped out of their room and into the open courtyard-style common area that contained the pool.  They walked through the tastefully cut hedges that lined the walkway on the ground floor and up to the edge of the pool.  Langly tilted his head back and took a deep breath.

“It’s kind of nice out here.  Been a long time since I’ve been far enough out in the country to see stars.”

Byers looked up as well and smiled.  It wasn’t often Langly would admit he used to live in the country, let alone admit that he missed it at all. 

“Yeah, it is nice.” 

They stood there together at the edge of the pool looking up at the sky.  ‘It was almost romantic,’ thought Langly. 

“I changed my mind, let’s get in.”

“We didn’t bring out bathing suits with us, Langly.”

“Don’t need em’,” he said as he stripped his t-shirt off over his head.

“Oh no…I’m not going skinny dipping.”

“Why not?  It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked!”

“Yeah, but all the people who live here haven’t and I’d like to keep it that way.  Not to mention the fact that it’s illegal to do so in a public place.”  Byers whispered while blushing self-consciously. 

Langly stepped up close to John, so close Byers could feel the puffs of air on his skin as the other man whispered, “You’re so sexy when you’re being shy.  Makes me want to strip you down right here just to see you’re cheeks pink up.”  He added a light pat on John’s butt to accentuate the word and leave no doubt what cheeks he was referring to.  “Yeah, like that.” He added after a look at John’s face, which was now betraying him. 

There was a short moment of silence between them; a silent lust-filled staring contest, but that was all changed when, without warning, Langly put a hand in the middle of John’s chest, grinned mischievously, and pushed him backward into the pool.  Upon resurfacing Byers coughed and gasped, more out of shock than anything else. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!!?!!” He screamed while trying to stay a float.  “I could drown!”

“Come on John, I know you can swim.”

“It’s a little harder when you’re fully clothed!”

Langly took a few steps back, flashed yet another grin and exclaimed, “I’ll save you!” With a running start he plunged into the water with John.  When the spray had settled John looked around for a while but realized he had lost track of Langly in the distortion of the ripples.  He quickly regained contact though when a strong pair of hands grasped his shoulders and turned him around.  Smooth, skillful lips met his--knowing exactly how to please him, how to push and pull at exactly the right intervals and pressures…thoroughly driving him insane.

Byers let a pleased grunt escape his mouth and tried to guide the both of them to shallower water in order to gain some leverage.  Finally getting the hint, Langly released him long enough to swim across the pool.  On firmer ground he found it easier to resume his ministrations and began unbuttoning a few inches of John’s shirt--just enough to slip one of his hands inside.  John closed his eyes--letting his head loll backward wantonly accepting the sensations his lover was creating.  But true to form, he soon became aware of where they were.

“Oh God, Langly…we can’t.  We can’t do this here.”

“Aww, you don’t wanna put on a show for the residents?”  He said while continuing to nibble at the other man’s ear.

All John could manage was “Ugh,” and something that was much like a purr as Langly found a particularly sensitive spot on his neck. 

“You’re right, we should probably finish this inside.”  Langly straightened up a little and ground his hips into John’s--waiting for the full red color of arousal to appear in the other man’s face before he whispered, “Well…are you coming?”

With a grin John answered, “Not, yet...later I hope.”  And it was Langly’s turn to blush now.  It wasn’t often John made blatantly obvious suggestions like that which only added to the fact that it really turned him on.

The two of them walked out of the pool--Langly stopping momentarily to recollect his shirt.  He entered the room first with Byers following close behind.  Almost as soon as he heard the door click, Langly found himself forced up against the wall.

“You’re such a tease.”  John growled.  His voice took on such a husky tone it revealed how turned on he really was in spite of his complaining earlier.

“We need to get these clothes off you,” Langly said while tugging at a button, “wouldn’t want you to get sick.”

“That sounded almost rehearsed Langly.”  Coming to a realization just then John added, “You planned ALL of this didn’t you?”  All Langly could do was grin and nod.  “God Ree…I love you.”

Langly’s hands rose to help John off with his coat, murmuring encouraging things to his partner under his breath the whole time.  John continued to bury his face in Langly’s neck, breathing in his scent. 

“Ah…John, that’s nice.” He sighed.

John reached up to tangle his hands in the long blonde strands, expertly guiding his lover’s mouth to his.

Langly loved the feel of the cool soaked cloth of John’s shirt against his bear and almost dry chest.  The soaked fibers rubbed against his nipples making him shiver gratefully.  After a few more moments of gentle nuzzling and general groping of one another, he couldn’t suppress a snicker.

“What?” John asked.

“I have this uncontrollable need to pick you up, throw you on the bed and fuck you senseless.” He said with exaggerated calm and a totally unreadable expression on his face.

“Well,” John replied with mock annoyance, “what’s stopping ya hippie boy.”

“No, you didn’t just call me…I’m really gonna make you pay for that!”  He laughed as he bent down to scoop Byers up, walked the few feet to the bed and unceremoniously dropped him.  Langly climbed up over his lover on all fours in a way that made Byers feel as though he were hunted prey of some kind.

Byers closed his eyes for a moment and luxuriated in the firm feeling of Langly sitting on top of him and the cool drops of water on his chest as they dripped from the mans hair above him.  John slid his hands up the wet, jean-clad calves on either side of him and on up the back of his lover’s thighs. 

Langly shifted his weight forward to claim the older man’s lips with his own yet again.  While doing so John managed to undo the button and fly of Ringo’s jeans.  He slid his hand inside only to find how very planned this whole scenario had been…he wasn’t wearing any underwear.  The realization of this made his cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink and a moan escape his lips.  God, what this man does to me, it’s unbelievable!

“Uh Ringo, I think we may have a problem.”  Byers said while looking down the length of their bodies.

Ringo reached down to verify the source of the problem and flopped on the bed in frustration.  “This can’t be happening to me!”

It’s all right Ree.”  John said while tracing reassuring circles along the other man’s chest.

“No, it’s not John.  When have I ever had trouble…”

“Ringo, calm down.  It’s not the end of the world!”

“I know…but it’s still frustrating!”

“Here, just let me help you.”  He said with a slight chuckle but trying not to hurt Langly’s feelings.

Langly stood up on his knees while Byers tried to pry the wet denim from his companion’s body. 

“It’s really not a big deal, dear.  I’d have trouble getting these things off too, especially now that they’re wet!  I mean…you wear them so tight.”

Langly groaned--thoroughly embarrassed at his inability to undress himself but then quickly added, “Is that a complaint?”

Looking up from his kneeling position on the floor, Byers took the time to trail a hand over the other man’s erection.  “Have you ever heard me complain?”  To Byers delight, he watched as Langly’s eyes fluttered closed and an audible gulp broke the silence of the room.  “Sit on the bed.”  Langly obediently sat while Byers continued to work the material downward.  Soon long pale thighs were exposed and meticulous hands worked onward as lips pressed a kiss to each new inch of exposed skin.  On and on this went, and by the time he had reached mid-calf Langly had already laid back on the bed, panting.  Beautiful.

John hurriedly finished his tugging--managing to completely remove the hindering article of clothing.  As he stood, he took in, with awe, the amazing image that lay before him.  This man, his lover, sprawled out across the bed, arms and legs everywhere now, eyes closed, head turned to one side and nestled in a tangle of golden curls.  The heat rose up in Byers’ body, he could feel himself get harder just from the simple act of looking at this private display.  Langly instinctively looked up, curious to know where the other man had gone, just in time to see John make short work of his own clothes to join the jeans and shoes on the floor.  Finally, both of them naked, Byers stretched out and lay along side the other man, luxuriating in the feeling of their bodies next to one another. 

He felt as if he could stay like that forever, just giving in to the weightless feeling of lying there beside this man that he loved so very much.  But a force stronger than gravity guided him to the grounding form of his lover.  He slowly lifted himself to hover inches away from where they both wanted to be.  Inches away from a place they never wanted to be if the other was not there with them--inches away from what they knew was meant for only them.  Byers looked into Langly’s eyes, there was so much there.  And many of the things he saw he knew would never dare to try and explain.  He just knew in his heart that explaining them would somehow defile what they were. 

Langly gently pulled his legs up to wrap them around John’s waist and pull them closer together.  While leaning down to kiss the other mans swollen lips John proceeded to roll the condom he had palmed, into place.  You weren’t the only one planning today darling.

With a practiced rock of his hips, and the aid of some strategically placed lube, John slowly pushed into his lover.  He always loved to watch Langly’s face as he did this.  His eyes would shut in concentration, maybe to stay relaxed or maybe to contain himself John never knew.  But the fact remained; this man was the sexiest thing he had ever laid eyes on…and hands, and mouth, and tongue…

“Oh, John…yeah keep doing that.” Came Langly’s breathless cry.

John continued to rock into Langly’s ready body while he licked and nibbled at everything he could reach.  Langly’s grip tightened and released on John’s shoulders reflexively mimicking the rhythm of their lovemaking.  He was lost, totally lost in the blanket of heat and friction.  His hand was en route between them to touch himself, needing just that little bit more, when John stopped him by reaching the destination first.  With a steady hand he began to stroke Langly’s cock, up and back…up and back, right along with his thrusts.  Langly’s breathing started to become erratic and his head rolled from side to side in frustration.  John, seeing this reaction in his lover quickened his pace, half from wanting to please his lover and half from his own overwhelming need.  When both of them were panting and moaning almost continuously, Langly suddenly stiffened and let out a cry--hips bucking into John’s final remainder of control. 

As they lay, totally exhausted, and basking in each other Langly welcomed the heavy presence of his partner.  Only a few minutes passed while they just lay and stared into one another’s eyes, still connected through sight even though they were not physically.  Eventually they joined each other in sleep, continuing the circle of connectedness they shared.